Magic Touch (1), 2005/09, C-Type Print, Ed.30

Dogtooth Section, 2011, Watercolour on Fabriano 130gsm

Magic Touch (2), 2005/09, C-Type Print, Ed.30

Shatter for Schiaparelli, 2009, Collage

Susie Green's work is multi-faceted, spanning sculpture, photography, performance, painting and printmaking. Much of her work transforms scenarios from everyday life into ones of fantastical and elegant glamour, often underpinned by a lightness of touch and sense of humour.  She is interested in making objects and images that are both decorative and conceptual - themes of seduction, protection, fantasy and reverie often feature in her work. Susie was selected for New Contemporaries in 2009 and has exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally at venues including the Ilmin Museum, Seoul, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh and Antje Wachs, Berlin.


"I am interested in the fantasy, glamour, and otherworldliness that can be found in, and added to, everyday life.

I am intrigued by momentary transcendence and how we can get out of ourselves.

I am puzzled by media representations and depictions of what we desire and that which will make us desirable. And get caught up in it.

I like to examine how and what people look at and the seemingly universal desire for ornamentation.

I like to watch how people view and interact with art.

My daily experiences and inner and outer world are crucial to the development of my work. Of course.

Low cost materials and basic means work for me.

I think at present it is the relationship between the spiritual and the decorative.

Circles and circles and circles and circles."


- Susie Green.


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