Artist: Sandy Grant

Title: Monster II

Medium: Copperplate Etching on Hannemuhle 300gsm

Paper Dimensions: 286mm x 255mm

Plate Dimensions: 143mm x 103mm

Year: 2011

Edition: U/P (Unique Print) + 3 H/C



In April 2011 Modern Empire started working with artist Sandy Grant to develop a new print edition. Part of the process was supporting his time at Glasgow Print Studio learning Intaglio printmaking techniques.


During his training, Grant created 3 drypoint copper-plates, from which he made a small number of prints. All have been marked as H/C - hors de commerce / not for sale - apart from one U/P (unique print) from each of the three plates.


These unique prints, entitled Monster I, II & III form part of Grant's ongoing body of work that focuses on urban areas where nature has been hemmed in or created around man-made elements such as motorway sidings or buildings. These areas, when left to develop without human intervention, can be important habitats for animal and plant life. The works highlight our lack of ability to harness or control nature, at a time when man-made climate change threatens to create an imbalance, with consequences that are not yet understood.


The prints were included in the exhibition, MODERN EMPIRE at La Scatola Gallery, London in May-June 2011.


From the same series: Click for more details of Monster I (U/P) & Monster III (U/P)



Monster II
Price: £280 GBP (unframed)