Four Instructions: 1) Moonface in the kiln, Lithograph, Ed. 30 + 3 A/Ps

Four Noble Instructions: 3) Keys to the ruins of Neuschwanstein, Lithograph, Ed. 30 + 3 A/Ps

Four Instructions: 2) The Hourglass rests (Time stands), Lithograph, Ed. 30 + 3 A/Ps

Four Instructions: 4) Hondo's Front Claws, Lithograph, Ed. 30 + 3 A/Ps

Rooted in romanticism, Russell Maurice’s works have explored the themes of energy, growth patterns, shape, diversity and cycles in the natural world. The central focus of earlier works was the relationship between modern society and nature. More recently his work has been concerned with more metaphysical aspects of these themes, particularly the spirit world, concepts of the ghost and theories on the after life.


Analyzing what form a spirit could take, and what forms are generally accepted to represent them in culture, Maurice’s works objectify the non-solid. Previously, forms were often representative of extinct species. Now the cartoon form is used as a simplification and short hand description. The work is indexical. Some explore the way Alchemy was recorded, conveying information in a method that hides the answer, adding mystery and ambiguity. 


Maurice studied Graphic Design at Epsom Institute, graduating in 1998. He completed an MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, London in 2010 and his work was included in Bloomberg New Contemporaries at A Foundation, Liverpool and ICA, London in the same year. Recent exhibitions include two-man shows at Sons of Studio, Copenhagen and Friend & Co., Bristol.



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