Modern Empire working with Sandy Grant towards a new limited edition print

Modern Empire are excited to be working with artist Sandy Grant towards production of a new print edition.


Sandy Grant lives in Glasgow and works at a studio in the Trongate 103 independent artists' studio complex. Modern Empire are supporting Sandy with workshop time at Glasgow Print Studio, situated in the same building. Sandy aims to develop his print-making skills, in turn extending his artistic practice. As a starting point, he'll learn a number of intaglio print techniques, including dry-point and hard and soft-ground etching, working on copper and steel printing plates.


Grant’s pictures – landscape paintings in oil – depict views of the past, present, and future; views that might have been seen; views that may never be seen.” - Judith Findlay, ‘Flash Art’, Nov/Dec 1997.


Grant's work is concerned with man's relationship with nature and his perceived place within the natural environment and the universe. He often creates imagined scenarios or exagerates existing scenes in order to present an alternate understanding of a subject. His current series, Monsters, highlights the tension that stems from balancing nature's role within urban settings with the fear of it's destructive potential.


Grant's work will feature in an upcoming exhibition of Modern Empire editions and works on paper in early summer 2011. Full details to follow.


A selection of Sandy Grant's drawings are currently available to purchase on



Image: Sandy Grant at Glasgow Print Studio. Courtesy the artist.