Modern Empire's Inaugural Print Edition by Susie Green available on from 12th December

Modern Empire are pleased to announce the launch this week of a pair of limited edition photographic prints, 'Magic Touch (1)' and 'Magic Touch (2)', by Susie Green. The C-type prints on Kodak Metallic paper are Modern Empire's first published edition. They will feature in Modern Empire's inaugural exhibition opening 12th December and will then be available to purchase through


'Magic Touch (1)' shows the artist in proximity to a smashed window. Cracks in the glass shoot outwards from a central point and meet an almost perfect surrounding circular crack, from which more fizzures lead off. The shape of the crack is graphic and dynamic, as though created by a sonic boom. Green's arm is visible in the shot, the rest of her torso and upper legs reflected in the glass. Her hand, rigid, extends to within a centimetre of the point of impact on the glass. With her arm reaching out, almost touching her reflected self through the glass, Green creates a strong and subtle tension within the photographic image.


'Magic Touch (2)' shows a close-up of Green's hand almost touching the same window, shot from a reverse angle. The photograph's short depth of field pulls into focus the beautiful web of cracks within the glass. Green's finger nails are painted silver with lightning-like bolts running across each one, a physical reflection of the energy released at the point of impact on the glass. Returning to the first image, we can see the artists' jumper is knitted with similarily shaped zig-zags.


Magic Touch was made as documentation of an artistic action. The theatrical staging intentionally creates ambiguity within the images; are the clothes and nail design coincidental, or costume? Has the protagonist somehow caused the glass to crack without touching it? With the artist reflected with outstretched arm, there are echoes of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam, helping insinuate a supernatural power at play.


Magic Touch’ typifies the performative and humorous aspects of Susie Green’s practice, bringing out glamour and fantasy in everyday life. She completed the Masters of Fine Art course at Chelsea College of Art in 2008. Her work can be seen in the current exhibition, New Contemporaries, at A Foundation, London.


'Magic Touch (1)' is available to purchase here.

'Magic Touch (2)' is available here.



Image: 'Magic Touch (1)' by Susie Green. Couresy the artist.