Series, 2007, Screenprint

Julia Douglas is a visual artist and designer/maker based near Edinburgh, Scotland. She has exhibited extensively over the past ten years most recently in: Domesticated in the Walcot Chapel, Bath; How Do I Look In This? in The Park Gallery, Falkirk; Temporary Art Show in the Temporary Art Space, Halifax; and Visual Arts Scotland Open at The City Arts Centre, Edinburgh, where she showed as a professional member.


One of her works is currently being featured in Craftscotland’s, The C Word advertisement, showing in international cinemas and on Scottish television and she was also invited to show her work in The Inaugural Art Show in The Future Gallery, London, last year after being voted as one of ‘The brightest and best Future 500 rising stars’ by Courvoisier in The Observer in 2007. Douglas has won multiple other awards including The Russell Trust Prize in 2008 for her work in Visual Arts Scotland Open and the RSA Ottillie Helen Wallace Prize at the Royal Scottish Academy in 2007.


Douglas' work ponders the relationship people have with the objects they put in their home. With it she aims to tell a story about the inhabitant’s life by playfully transforming these items into mixed media sculptures and prints. She explores the day-to-day belongings used when the home is a private space for indulging in personal home comforts, doing housework, dealing with relationship highs and lows, or convalescing through illness, and when it’s a public space for entertaining, using their monogrammed cutlery, crisply starched napkins or best china.


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