Untitled (2), 2009, Collage

Untitled (1), 2009, Collage

Untitled (Edition 2), 2011, Lithograph, Edition of 30 + 3 A/Ps

Untitled (3), 2009, Collage

Untitled (Edition 1), 2011, Lithograph, Edition of 30 + 3 A/Ps

Inken Reinert, born in 1965, is a visual artist based in Berlin. In her drawings and sculptures she deals with the heritage of socialist modernism. She studied fine art at the Art Academie Berlin Weissensee.


Along with her individual art production Reinert is engaged in various collaborative practices as in a drawing project together with the artists Anke Becker and Nike Hinsberg or in a circle of female artists and cultural workers exchanging their ideas and experiences by having a mounthly salon with an invited guest (www.damensalon.net).


She co-curated the exhibition Revisiting Home at NGBK in Berlin and organised workshops with young ukrainian and german artists and architects in Kiev (Ukrain) and Berlin.


Inken Reinert has been awarded several scholarships and grants including KunstFonds Bonn in 2007. In 2004 she took part in Goldrausch-Künstlerinnen art IT programm, Berlin. Her work continues to be shown nationally and internationally.




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